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Sewing Agile Fabrics Hybrid and Pure Silicones

Sewing Agile Fabrics
Hybrid and Pure Silicones

Silicone and Hybrid Silicone Upholstery Fabrics are the ultimate in coated-fabric technology. We recommend using the following commercial sewing procedures:

  1. 6 stitches or 7 stitches per inch
  2. Size 30 thread with a #18 needle (see picture 2) or
  3. 3. Size 20 thread with a #19 needle
  4. Nylon, PolyesterNomex, or Kevlar thread
  5. Needle should be Schemtz SD1 Series (or equal) for sewing
  6. Or a #19 – D1 Series (or equal) suitable for wire pressing process
  7. Add a lock stitch to protect sewing
  8. Make sure timing on sewing machine is calibrated otherwise it will cause needle drag on the way out of the hole.
  9. Avoid machines with sharp edges on pressor foot, it will cut the fabric.