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Our Fabric

Our Fabric

We work for you to ensure the end-product delivers the quality and standards demanded in today’s industry at the most competitive price with sales and service that support you throughout the process. Agile Fabrics is committed to improving, expanding and adapting our supply chain to meet the changing needs of our client and the textile marketplace.

We feature:

• Virtually-indestructible non-vinyl faux-leather

• Proprietary Pure-Silicone and Silicone-Hybrid processes

• No peeling, cracking, separated layers, or hydrolysis

• Waterproof, graffiti-proof, puncture-proof

• Outdoor rated, IMO rated, UV rated

• Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial

• Soap & water cleanup in most cases

• Bleach and Virox cleanable

• No off-gassing or VOCs (no PVC, no vinyl)

• Over 400 color and pattern options

• Woven Upholstery fabrics and Fire-rated Sheers too

• Huge in-stock inventory in the US, Europe, and Asia

For more information about Silicone Performance fabrics,
please take a look at our What’s Silicone FAQ